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Platform for sustainable development of the area was created by an integrated consideration of place conditions, based on identifying  vital origin of the landscape within the project KRRES Geomancy.

All the potentials of the landscape, micro locations and individuals that aim for optimum sustainable development, effectiveness and recognition,  were identified by geomantical approach that is formed on detailed space analysis for the whole holon Kalobje - Rifnik - Resevna - Šentjur. It's also formed on individual characteristics of micro locations  and on business consultation to individual farms and others.

Place's development that is formed in the project, comes from authentic wealth of natural healing potentials.

Group of geomants under the mentorship of Karin and Robi Lavin who made cosmograms are:

Aci Urbajs - 041/786-428

Rok Vodeb - 031/466-102

Maja Debelak - 031/383-939

Bogdan Rahten - 041/435-785

Milena Klanšek

Ivan Romih - 041/444-380

Pavlina Brilej - 041/697-345

Albin Apotekar - 041/763-260

Tanja Hanžič - 031/706-654

Domen Sapač - 040/788-475

Mirko Čander - 051/653-929

Franc Brečko - 031/404-233

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Kalobje - Rifnik - Resevna

Opening of the Snake Valley cave ↑

Mentors of the project: Karin and Robi Lavin

Mirko Čander

Rok Vodeb →

Milena Klanšek

Pavlina Brilej ↑

Ivi Romih

Albin Apotekar ↓

Bogdan Rahten

Maja   Debelak →

Aci Urbajs

Franc Brečko - Golovršek ↑

Tanja  Hanžič

Domen Sapač ↓