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Kalobje, Rifnik, RESevna - KRRES

We are a group of organic and biodynamic farmers living in the triangle of the hills Kalobje- Rifnik- RESevna.  Each of these three hills represents specific quality in the natural and the spiritual heritage.

Nature is given to us as a gift; in the material, psychological and spiritual sense it provides us with everything we need in our lives. For that reason it is very important to respect and collaborate with it. It is a big challenge for us to understand it and in this way gain knowledge and wisdom of our ancestors which we can then pass on to the coming generations. With our methods of farming we show our gratitude for everything we have received from nature and at the same time contribute to the healing of Earth. Organic food has a different imprint of information because it comes from the living soil. For that reason such food can also serve as medicine.

Clay Weight represents the symbol of our group “KRRes”. From the Bronze Age on (from 6th to 8th century B.C.) our ancestors from Rifnik used it at weaving fabrics. With its conical shape it reminds us of the shape of these hills. With its rich 6000 years old history, it represents the cultural and archaeological cradle of the citizens of Šentjur. The weight also reminds us of the bonfire and the triangular connection of the hills Kalobje – Rifnik – RESevna.

We would like to enkindle it in the hearts of people as a sparkle of consciousness about our natural and ethnological cultural heritage.


Žiga Jenšterle - cattle farm and meat processing

Jure Oset - cattle farm and organic butchery

Milan Kalan - herb farm

Aci Urbajs - biodynamic winegrowing

Ivi Romih - tradicional farm